16 Amazing Moments – January

Throughout 2014 Toast! families are being challenged to experience 16 (or more) Amazing Moments in God’s Amazing World.

A chance to experience those Wow! moments in the natural world.

Simple things which can lead to amazing moments.

In case you want to join in here is what we were up to this month.

January’s Amazing Moment was ‘On a clear night go Star Gazing’. We had hoped to star gaze at the January Toast! but sadly it was too cloudy. But that didn’t deter the children’s excitement about having a go (all aided by the fabulous C Beebies Stargazing week!)

The boys were very excited to have a go at star gazing – as was I. So instead of one big stargazing event we have been spotting them as we go along. Orion – Jupiter – a full moon – all have been seen from our front door step. And the excitement and amazement as we see each has been immense (And that’s just me!!).  It truly is amazing that the stars we see are so far away, are made in a way we can not comprehend, and yet we see them and they are a part of our world. The more the boys learnt about the stars the more amazing they became.

For me the 2 moments that stick in my mind are E jumping up and down with excitement as he spotted Orion’s belt and suddenly realising that T was also looking for the stars and the moon as we went out in the dark.

Truly the stars are an amazing moment!


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