Everyone seems to be trying bread making in 2014. Over on bleubird they are making Weekly Bread. Lou at Little Green Shed is involved in the #52loaves project as is Emma Bradshaw

I was brought up on home made bread. Mum made a batch each weekend and as we got older we helped with the kneading until we could all make our own loaf. So bread making is second nature to me. But I soon discovered many people have never had a go.

Over the past few years I’ve found lots of opportunities to bake bread with adults and children in many contexts. We even baked at Ts dedication. So my challenge for 2014 is to bake as often as I can with a variety of groups and to bake a variety of breads.

Today it all began. Simple breadmaking with a group of 3 – 8 year olds as we explored the Parable of the Yeast. Time was short so we ‘cheated’ and baked with a bread mix. But it still gave them the opportunity to experience kneading dough; to see the effect yeast has; to try something they had baked themselves.

They were SO excited!! And all the bread was eaten before they left the church. As one 7 year old left he asked if we could bake bread again next week.

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