Playing more – sensory play

Today’s Simple Play challenge is to use a sensory bin for play. So we decided to set out one if our favourite sensory activities (more of a tray than a bin!)

A Very Hungry Caterpillar sensory tray.

In the tray I put uncooked rice dyed green with food colouring (don’t use gel as it stains). Today I squeezed an orange over the rice a short time before we used it. There was a great Orangey smell as we played. A sensory toy caterpillar and butterfly sit in the tray too. Then I add a selection of wooden, felt and plastic foods from the story as well as various craft items (ribbon, pompomsstc etc) to play with. Finally I add a few things to scoop with. I have used a couple of gold cups from a magic set and an wooden olive spoon but small plastic shot glass would do just as well. Ooh and I nearly forgot – a copy of the book.

T had lots of fun pouring and rattling and smelling. A great way for under 5s to engage with the story.

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