The year in books: January

As the new year starts I’m joining in with a couple of blog link ups.

Those of you who regularly read LDC will know I’m a great book lover. But at the moment all I read is children’s books – which are marvellous – but I do need to read something for myself.  So I was delighted to see the start of a year of reading on Circle of Pine Trees. Laura’s description of her reading habits could have been mine.

I too studied English and spent hours curled up in a chair with my head in a book (it was work!!). The problem is that now I find it really hard to pick a book up and read a couple of pages – I much prefer to read a good ‘chunk’. And with 3 small children that never seems to happen. Or maybe I never seem to make it a priority.

So for this year I’m joining in with A Year of Reading. A book a month, recorded here with a little review at the end of each month.

the Year in Books :: Circle of Pine Trees

I was searching Amazon for some new reads when I realised my shelves are groaning with unread/half read books. So that’s where I’ll begin. And I’m beginning with Room which I began a while ago and never finished.

(As the year goes on I’ll include some books relating to children’s creativity and spirituality)

Room cover.jpg

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7 Responses to The year in books: January

  1. Hi Alison, Thanks so much for joining in! I read Room a year or so ago, its an amazingly powerful book. I look forward to seeing what other books you choose. Laura

  2. Amanda says:

    Im starting with whats on the book shelf at home first too – time to get them read

  3. Planet Penny says:

    Hi Alison, nice to find you through a Year in Books, looking forward to hearing what you think of ‘Room’, I was rather scared off by the ‘blurb on the jacket!

  4. Rich says:

    Hi Alison,
    Room is so good! I was blown away and think I read the whole thing in one sitting – it’s tense. Enjoy!

  5. Karen says:

    I found you through a year in books too and just read Room before Christmas – I picked it up at our school fair and found it quite interesting – enjoy!

  6. Thanks all for your comments. Read Room this weekend and really enjoyed it. Would have liked to read it in one sitting but children had other ideas! Did manage in 2! Will post a proper review later. A great read!

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