Conkers, spirituality and a calendar

Back in October the boys and I headed out to school early on a mission to collect conkers. As they rounded the corner near to the conker tree they had one of those Wow! moments. The nutty brown conkers spread across the floor. The delight on their faces as they cracked a spiky shell open to discover the treasure within. The amazement that the place had changed so much since they walked up there the day before. They got it. They got that connection. That powerful moment that as adults we would articulate as a spiritual one.

Collection Of Conkers

It got me thinking. In church we spend huge amounts of time and money trying to engage people spiritually. And yet a lot of the resources we need are out there in the natural world. Resources like conkers!

So a lot of thinking later we are about to launch a new resource at TOAST!. Through 2014 everyone will have a series of challenges to spend ’16 Amazing Moments in God’s Amazing World‘. Simple things like finding a carpet of bluebells or watching the sunset, but simple things that allow them to find their inner spirituality.

There is one for each month and then 4 non month related ones to do anytime. Everyone will have stickers to add to their chart and at next January’s TOAST! we will look at our experiences through the year. Each month I’ll include a post on the activity and any extra ones we do here.

If you want to spend 16 (or more) amazing moments in God’s amazing world please do join in and let me know how you get along.

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