TOAST! Christmas Eve

Going to spend the next couple of days catching up here and launching a few things for 2014. First up here’s what we got up to on Christmas Eve at Toast!

People arrived to a semi lit church and were encouraged to make lanterns (as we had done for the solstice) and dress up as a shepherd if they wished. Then we set off to find the shepherds. Sadly we kept missing them all night! But we heard their story along the way.

The plan had been to have a real campfire but with the awful weather we soon dropped that idea and instead created a pretend one indoors. We gathered round and drank hot chocolate. I told the story of the shepherds encounters that night.  Campfire songs were replaced with campfire carols. Then we set off to find the baby.

In a hidden corner we created a small stable which we crammed into as we heard how the shepherds met with Jesus, spent time with Jesus and talked with Jesus. Then we discovered that we can do the same.

To show this we hurried back to the craft tables and wrote our names on pieces of paper which we took back to the manger.

The final plan had been sparkler prayers outside but the windy weather meant we had to go indoors.

All finished with cake and drinks as the Christmas feasting began!

I love Christmas Eve Toast! – one of my highlights of the Christmas period.


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