Get ready get ready!

The week before advent is rapidly becoming the busiest of the year!! Well nearly. There is so much to get ready this week.
* Christmas craft competition at school for the boys. Es year had to make a stocking so he had a go at sewing one for the first time. Gs year had to make a cracker so as the needles were out he decided to make a cuddly cracker.

* the Toast! Nativity is out and about again. We had planned every other year but people wanted it to be the Toast! to go for Christmas. More later in the week once its ready to go.

* frantically getting the ideas ready for our Advent Activity calendar. Just a few ideas to add. Look at previous December posts if you are looking for ideas to include in your own Advent calendar.

* and an advent ring to make at some point using these candles

And so much more to do. But I love it. Advent is definitely one of my favorite times.

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