Blowing dandelion clocks-balloons

Childhood is an adventure – a constant roller coaster of finding and discovering and exploring. If as adults we can rediscover that adventure then we can reconnect with our innate spirituality. It just takes some little steps, little things that remind us of the excitement of childhood Like blowing dandelion clocks!
So every so often I post a little something to do. Have a go!

Last night I went to see the Stereophonics (brilliant!). During Indian Summer they released about 40 huge balloons which everyone started batting into the air. It got quite competitive but soon small groups emerged playing ‘keepy uppies’. People laughed and chatted. For a short moment in the middle of a gig we were 6 again!

So this weekend blow up big balloons gather a group of friends and play! Don’t be worried about how you look or how ‘cool’ you are just go for it with wild abandon.

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