TOAST! November

Just got back from Toast! I’m exhausted.

Today we were celebrating that God Made Me! We thought about the 5 senses God has given us with a challenge or activity for each.

Smell we made lavender bags to take home. There were a series of spotting sheets to find different things as we explored Sight. Careful listening was needed for the Sound quiz. Feely bags were used to test our sense of Touch. And finally Taste was explored as they all had a go at the crisp challenge- guessing the flavour of the crisp. A very popular activity!!

But the main focus was the Photo booth. All the children had their picture taken either as they were or in one of the dressing up hats available. Through this we celebrated our uniqueness, the amazing way in which God has made us, the way He knows and cares for each of us. It was great fun. And from it we will create a hanging to display in the church building (with appropriate consent!!) and everyone decorated a frame to take a picture home in.

The hanging and the individual pictures will all serve as a great reminder of the unique way in which God has created each of us. We used the Bubbles Big Bible Storybook to read Psalm 139 and looked at our fingerprints as we thanked God for the way he knows and cares for each of us.

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