Moving House

Well we have moved – we are in – and its starting to feel a little like home. Here is a summary of the things I did to help the children through the transition.

It was a big move to the other side of the country – just to the other end of the high street! But it was still a big move for all of us as the old house held so many family memories and really was a HOME not just a house. So ….

1. I encouraged the boys to pack a bag of things they would need when we got to the new house conscious that with work needing doing not all the boxes would not be unpacked for a while. They loved doing this but did pack some very odd things!!

2. We had a couple of their friends over for one last play date at the house. They chose who should come and both chose people who have visited many times.

3. We read Moving Molly by Shirley Hughes.

“Molly is pleased at first when they move into a house with fields behind it, but
soon she starts to miss the passers-by in their old busy street. Then she
discovers that the next-door garden is full of adventure.”


3. We read Moving House from the Usbourne New Experiences series. This was especially suitable for T and was great for G reading to the others.

5. We encouraged the boys to help with the packing and labelling of the boxes. G especially was great at this and E loved labelling the boxes. It does mean I’m a little unsure what is in some!

6. The boys had plenty time to say goodbye to the house before they left. On the day we moved they went to a friends for breakfast and then to another’s for tea. It was set up to help us but gave the boys lots of excitement on the day and took their minds of the big move.

7. I made sure all the teachers knew when we were moving just in case. But all was fine.

8. In the past few days at the house we created a big adventure letting the boys sleep on camp beds as we packed. But when we arrived at the new house we made sure their beds were up and a few of their toys and pictures were out so it felt more like their space.

And all in all they have coped really well. There have been a few little wobbles (mainly from me!) and a few tears but they are loving the space and already creating memories.



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