An amazing day!

Good friends. Great National Trust property. Climbing/playing/running/noise! Perfect day out.
We headed to Lyme Park armed with wellies, change of clothes and a hope that it wouldn’t rain too much. (it didn’t).

With 7 excited children we bypassed the house and headed straight for the brilliant Crow’s Wood play area. It is designed to encourage adventure with tunnels, swings, slides, ropes, poles and sand. So well designed that its almost impossible to be bored.

We wandered into the woods, fell in the mud, slipped and slid, collected conkers. Then we found the stream. Initially the children paddled and walked on logs. But before long they were wading, splashing and generally getting wet. Even T joined in! Their energy was boundless. It truly was a day of childhood adventures.

Today we learnt what you need for a fabulous winters day out. Friends, wellies and food.

Today we explored the countryside’s natural playground.

Today we created memories.

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