Don’t try too hard

Including children in worship in a way that isn’t patronising can be tricky I know. But last week I had an odd few days with various worship ‘things’ that should have been inclusive but tried to hard and missed the mark. After a school collective worship, a Diocesan conference and a toddler group I was getting a little frustrated!!!

Then yesterday at Church no one tried very hard and it was spot on.

The week before there had been an event that some of the children had taken pictures of and these were used in a Powerpoint at the beginning and end. The Photographers were very proud of the work.

And then it was requested that the bread I was making with the under 5s ( we were exploring Moses and the Israelites fleeing Egypt) be used in communion. They were so pleased that there bread was ‘special’ enough to be used in communion. And the adults were very happy to have fresh bread!

The children felt they had contributed to the worship and people appreciated it. Sometimes the understated ways are the best.

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