Conkers before school

When G first started school we used to try and fit bits and pieces around the school day – a trip to the park or library, a bike ride or even a picnic tea. But with the arrival of Baby T in Feb 2012 time wasn’t that organised. And then when E started school in the Sept, the youngest in his year, he was too exhausted to do anything else. So finally today after getting back into the school rhythm we decided to do a little ‘before school’ conker collect.

We set out a little early and parked so that we would walk up past some big conker trees. We needed to be there early to make sure no one else got there first! The trees are still heavy laden with conkers just waiting for a big gust of wind so I was beginning to think it would be a fruitless trip. When suddenly E spotted on the floor a bright shiny nut brown conker. Queue squeals of delight and 2 happy boys running to find more. We gathered a good few handfuls stuffed them in the pram and headed on to school.

I’m sure we won’t manage a pre school activity everyday but maybe a couple of times a week would be good to aim for. What a great way to start the week.

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