Moving House

Moving time is coming nearer (hopefully tomorrow we should have a date!) and so I need to start thinking about ways of helping the children make the transition.

Thankfully we are only moving half a mile away so none of the issues of new school / new town / leaving friends etc. But it will still be a time of great upheaval and I want to make sure it is as smooth as possible.

They are all very excited and can’t wait to be in a new place with plenty space, but they all have a strong attachment to our current home. I’ve looked around for books with ideas but all the books seem to be about moving a great distance with children. So over the next few weeks I’ll post some of my ideas and some I’ve ‘borrowed’ about moving locally. Just in case you are on the move!

Last night the boys were asking for friends to come for tea. At the moment the house is such a squeeze that I don’t really want anyone round. So instead we agreed to think of a couple of old friends who have been for tea lots and invite them for “One Last Time”.  Deciding on who to invite was fairly easy and so the first of our 2  “One Last Time” visitors is coming for tea tomorrow.

I’ve also given the boys a bag each to pack with things they will want for the first few days when we move. As yet they aren’t finished but they are loving the responsibility of helping with the packing.


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