Iggle Piggle, Moses and feeling safe!

Sorry it’s been a little quiet here, we’ve all been laid low with a cold bug. Hoping we are better by next week as I hate being ill.

But before all this began I had a great session with a group of under 5s at church. We were thinking about Moses in the basket and how God kept him safe. I wanted to think about the things they have that make them feel safe and needed a way in. Then when watching ITNG with T it all fell into place.

Iggle Piggle has his blanket to keep him safe and when he looses it he becomes upset. So I showed the group Iggle Piggle without his red blanket and asked them what was missing. Off course they knew immediately. We talked about why Iggle Piggle was sad when he lost his blanket and the things they had that made them feel safe (blankets, toys, taggies).

On the way to church E had asked why I was taking Iggle Piggle so I explained. After a few moments he said “Do you know what makes me feel safe? You do.” (Cue a few tears from me!!)

Later I told the group this and they told me the people that make them feel safe.

Finally as we explored Moses’ story we discovered how God kept him safe (as well as his mum and sister). Then we reminded everyone that God wants to make them feel safe too.

And the link back to Iggle Piggle all the way through put it all into a context they could easily understand.



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