TOAST! September 2013

Sunday at Toast! was chaotic but great fun with a real sense of fellowship. As last year we celebrated harvest but also made time to welcome the new minister and her family. Here’s what we did.

Made vegetable soup with sweet potatoes, leeks, carrots, onions, garlic and potatoes grown by families from Toast! (it was unbelievably delicious)

We made fruit muffins with blackberries the children had picked.

A Toast! favourite, bread making, was the focal point.

We explored the importance of yeast as we blew bubbles.

There was a story tent filled with stories of Jesus eating with people.

And we made a spoon mobile. People wrote onto wooden spoons their commitments to ‘stir up’ the way they eat. This could be eating more local produce, growing their own food, or spending time eating together as a family.

There was also a cafe space with newspapers for people to think about hunger in the world today.

Everyone came together after these and there were a lot of people present from other groups in the community. So we took strips of material and weaved ourselves together to create a cloth.

Then we ate – and that was probably the highlight as people from different groups and different ages ate and shared together. Fellowship and a great way to celebrate harvest.

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