New skills

G is not the most confident of people and sometimes this can hold him back. He doesn’t like and isn’t particularly good at football. He can find new situations threatening and his starting point is often ‘I can’t do it’ S and I have a tough time sometimes helping him find a way through.

But the discovery this summer of 2 new skills has really boosted his confidence.

Firstly he discovered (by ‘borrowing’ my Tablet) that he can take great photos. The only problem being I never see my Tablet!!

Then at Greenbelt he discovered he can sew! In the space of 3 days we went from card sewing to making a sock.monkey. A little frantic as a parent but well worth it for the boost it gave him.

Both skills were discovered accidentally – completely by chance. It reminds me again that we have to give children a breadth of things to try and experience in order to find the ones that best suit them. And that that needs to continue as they grow up.

Here’s to discovering more hidden talents.

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