A great library (and another amazing book)

A couple of weeks ago we woke up unsure what we had planned for the day – then remembered we still hadn’t visited the new Central Library in town. So off we set!

What a brilliant place!! On the ground leading to the library is a brilliant art work which simply is a list of great books. The boys spent ages discovering books they knew and others they had heard of.

Then as you enter off to one side is the children’s library. A huge circle of stories; a stage for performance and readings; chairs and bean bags to sit on; loads of computers to play on; a dedicated area for under 5s. We stayed for over an hour and the boys are desperate to return. We are great library fans but for those who are not this still provides a stimulating visit that doesn’t feel like the libraries we had as children. I’m sure this is going to be a staple visit for cold winter’s days.

While we were there I rediscovered a book I had seen in Daunts books in London but not since. Say Hello by Jack and Michael Foreman has a simple text and haunting illustrations.

A lone dog comes upon a group of children playing ball and soon joins the game. Everyone is having so much fun, they don’t see a sad little boy standing off by himself. Who will spy the boy and invite him to play? This simple story reminds us that when someone is in need of a friend just a simple word can make all the difference.

A brilliant book to use with children’s groups and great for the start of term as friendship groups form and new children join.

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