Library love (and a great book)

We love libraries – no we adore libraries! And the summer is always a time to catch up on our library visiting and discover new books. This year it has been lovely watching G become an independent library user. He goes in, asks me how many books he can get and then browses through until he finds the ones he wants. (All this has been helped by the brilliant Creepy House reading challenge).

Through all this I also discover some great new books I can use in my work or just keep reading to the children. One great find this year has been A Bus called Heaven by Bob Graham.

A dilapidated bus lands on the pavement outside Stella’s house and before long the whole community has come to see what is going on. Stella sees that this could be a place for them all and with some graffiti a few gifts from the neighbours and a lot of love the bus becomes a meeting place. A focal point for the community. People come together to play games and share stories; sparrows nest where the engine used to be. Then one day a tow truck arrives and takes away not just the bus, but everything that everyone has worked so hard to create. Can the community pull together? And will Stella save the day?

A brilliant book about community and the things that make us come together.

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