Homework angst!!

I have to admit the creativity and spirituality of my children suffers because of homework angst!!

I am sure many of you know the routine – ‘its time to do your homework’, ‘I don’t want to / I’m too tired / Mrs xx says I don’t need to do it!!’. And before you know it a full on argument or a sulking child is the result.

So I was very excited to see the article Learn to Love Homework in the June edition of Junior magazine. No surprise that it offers no easy solution. Instead it offers the approach of excitement and puzzles and role play to encourage your children to do their homework. I see the sense in this and it sounds great but with 3 children a job and a house to run it all sounds to exhausting!

The second approach comes from Noel Janis-Norton and is much calmer encouraging you to set aside time on 6 days of the week, create a time table and find a quiet space for doing homework. I liked the 10 minute rule – 10 minutes homework for each primary year so in year 2 20 minutes. So I need to get sorted and try and get on top of this issue or at least make a few breaks into it.

I’ll let you know how it goes.!!

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