Joining the dots – book club night

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we are trying to join the dots between cafechurch and Toast! Last night was the first ‘dot’ with a book club night at cafechurch. We used my World Book Night book Red Dust Road by Jackie Kay. A story of a life journey where what matters is not our genes but songs and stories, inheritance and relationship.

I had hoped to ‘cheat’ and steal someone else’s questions from the web. But no luck! So I thought I’d post mine here -just in case you need them.

1. Did you enjoy the book or not? Why?
2. The story timeline jumps around why do you think this is? Did you find it easy to read? Would the story have been different with a linear narrative?
3. Are Jackie’s birth fathers actions understandable? How did his actions make you feel?
4. Why do you think others in Nigeria thought his hiding of Jackie was so wrong?
5. How do you think her adoptive father feels about her search for her birth parents?
6. Racism Adoption Religion Sexuality
Which for you was the strongest theme? Which was handled best?
7. Are there other key themes?
8. What was your favourite passage or chapter?
9. How did the ending leave you feeling?

We had a great evening and at the next cafechurch we’ll pick up on some of the themes
Its a fabulous book – well worth adding to your summer reading list.

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