The simple things

I have had a lovely week off with the children. OK the weather wasn’t great and we didn’t go away but we did have lots of adventures. I’ll tell you more about them another time but I wanted to tell you what stays with me the most. And that is the simple things.

As I posted earlier in the week toasting marshmallows (at a BBQ and at Chirk Castle) and ice cream floats were simple and great. As were building sandcastles and climbing trees and rolling down hills.

And I loved teaching the boys those funny things you do with flowers when you are little. You know – daisy chains etc. The boys love making daisy chains but this holiday I introduced them to the buttercup test for butter (if the yellow reflects under your chin you like butter!!) and of course to blowing dandelion clocks. We stood on the front at Otterspool counting ‘1 O’clock, 2 O’clock etc’ as the boys blew. They loved it!  And they keep searching out dandelion clocks to blow.

Sometimes its the simple things they remember most.

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