Bank Holiday blowing dandelion clocks

As it’s the Bank Holiday weekend here I though I would add a few special blowing dandelion clocks posts. So there will be one each day of the long weekend but they will be a little different from usual. A bit more ‘holiday focussed’. For those of you who don’t know what blowing dandelion clocks is all about here’s the ‘blurb’.

Childhood is an adventure – a constant roller coaster of finding and discovering and exploring. If as adults we can rediscover that adventure then we reconnect with our innate spirituality. It just takes some little steps – little things that remind us of the excitement of childhood – Like blowing dandelion clocks!

So every now and then I post a little something to do. It may take a lot of courage to go back to childhood ways at first. It may be easier to have children with you when you do. But have a go – you never know what may happen!!

This first post is inspired by our visit to Light Night last week. In The Brink we played 80s games, listened to 80s music and drank dandelion and burdock floats. It really did take me back. Talking with S about this when we got back it really evoked clear memories for us both. And strangely they were very similar memories. Memories of summer holidays and trips to the seaside. Of drinks in those strange Milk Bars that only seemed to exist in Welsh seaside towns. Of being allowed to do things (like drink fizzy pop!) you aren’t normally allowed to do.

So this week make yourself a float. Choose your fizzy drink  – coke / dandelion and burdock / cream soda / cherryade – whatever you used to drink. Fill a glass and then add a scoop of ice cream. Stick in a couple of straws and enjoy! And as you do remember how decadent you used to feel drinking fizzy drinks topped with ice cream!

(And if you were never allowed to drink ice cream floats as a child enjoy it even more.)


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