Pentecost party!

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about rhythms in life and in our faith life. I’m not great at this at the moment. I think 3 children in 5 years has been the only rhythm here!!
But I feel we need to start introducing rhythm to our lives here and in particular in our faith life. We are quite good at advent, Christmas, New Year but that’s as far as it goes.
Yesterday was Pentecost and the boys loved it! We began with cake, flame headbands and balloons in Church.
In Sparklers we explored the spirit as wind with bubbles, balloons, paper aeroplanes, windmills and sail boats.
Then in the afternoon we visited a friend’s church and had birthday cake, more flames, streamers, fruits of the spirit and doves.
I hadn’t planned for it to be quite such a Pentecost filled day but it was great way to make it part of our rhythm of life..
And my favourite craft of the day was this paper plate dove.

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