Blowing dandelion clocks; sledging

Childhood is a an adventure -a rollercoaster of finding and exploring and discovering. If as adults we can revisit that adventure then we can reconnect with the innate spirituality within us. It just takes a few small steps, seizing opportunities to go back to those things of childhood, the simple but amazing things -like blowing dandelion clocks.

Well today I woke up grumpy. Fed up of the seemingly constant snow of 2013. But the boys were keen to make the most of the unseasonable weather. so we dug out the sledge and headed for the park. The grumpy mood soon left! Hardly anyone was in the park so ours were the first footsteps.
On the hill the boys screeched with laughter as they flew down. I wanted a go. So i jumped on the sledge and as I flew down the hill I was a 9 year old girl again. Lost in the moment loving the feel of the snow.

So my blowing dandelions challenge to you is to go sledging. If you have a sledge dig it out and head for the nearest hill. And remember what it felt like to whizz down a hill in the snow. Then when you can’t feel your fingers anymore head home for hot chocolate and marshmallows.
Have fun!

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