All sorted

Why is it that as adults we think we have all the answers and yet it’s really the little people who have it all sorted?!
Yesterday I heard someone talking about the feeding of the 5000 and it reminded me of this. Often we think that, like the adults, the little boy offered his food sure it wasn’t enough. But as he was a small boy he probably saw the commotion and thought “are they a bit daft – I’ve got a picnic we can share!”
This reminded me of E. At parents evening this week his teacher said often she thinks he hasn’t taken something in. Then she asks him a question and he answers with a look on his face as though to say “that’s obvious are you a bit silly?” I guess the boy with the picnic had the same look.
Sometimes we need to stop trying to be so sorted and just say it as it is just like little boys (and girls!) do.

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