Baby Art Club

Manchester Art Gallery from Mosley Street

Baby T and I headed off to Manchester City Art Gallery, today, for the Baby Art Club. I had seen it advertised in Junior but wasn’t too sure what to expect.

We were greeted by one of the artists in residence who explained that today’s session was in response to the Focal Point contemporary photography exhibition. We then went into one of the studios were everything was set up. The room was dark, lit by some OHPs, torches and small lights.

T immediately set to adventuring! There were boxes to crawl in, torches to shine, a range of percussion instruments to play, coloured cellophane sheets, materials, balloons and much much more. A complete sensory experience! Most of the babies there were non walkers with a few ‘totterers’ but they were able to select the things they wanted to play with easily.

So often babies are ignored in planning at various venues and events, they are simply lumped in with the Under 5s. I completly understand why in many cases but at the same time I am a great believer in the need for  different provision fo 0-18 months. So this age appropriate and age specific event was just up my ( and Baby Ts) street. Brilliant event and lots of learning for me to take from it.

No photos as I was to busy playing!

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