christmas presents – Lego

The last in my series of posts about some of the children’s presents and I have saved the best until last.
Yes just as it regularly wins ‘Best Toy’ in various polls so it does in our house and ‘it’ is of course LEGO!

We love it although I have to admit the first year we got Lego I hated it as it does get everywhere! But the creativity it leads to is worth all the mess.

The boys got various kits for Christmas and Gs birthday (star wars, dinosaurs, captain america and loads of lego city). But I have to admit the bit I like best is when one ‘set’ meets another. Last week we had Harry Potter and Hagrid flying round on a spaceship with Anakin Skywalker and a Stormtrooper!

There was a long gap between New Year and the boys going back to school this year (Bliss!) and we got into a bit of a routine of mooching round in pyjamas til mid morning and starting the day playing with lego. For both of them the sense of achievemnt when they produce a model is immense and it takes pride of place somewhere in the house for days (until they realise they need some of the pieces for something else). They have different temprements so G loves using the manual to create things were E loves to just go with what he has and see what happens.

I could wax lyrical about lego all day but I guess the heart of what I’m saying is its a brilliant resource for stimulating the imagination, for developing fine motor skills, for encouraging independence, and for much more. And it is a great all age activity to develop working together and co operation.

If you haven’t already get some Lego!


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