Christmas presents – stories

Christmas seems a long time ago now! A lot of reading has happened in our house since then – mainly of new books we got for Christmas or Gs birthday. Here are a few of our favourites.

Product DetailsSuperworm is captured by the wizard lizard but his friends manage to save the day! Another great Julia Donaldson book and becoming a firm favourite with E at the moment.

Product DetailsHow to catch a star is a lovely tale of a boy trying to catch a star and trying everything he can to do so. As ever Oliver Jeffers work is simple and beautiful, the illustrations are gorgeous and the ending superb. The boys were desperate for the boy in the story to catch a star so were delighted with the ending. Especially as the boy and star are hand in hand!

Product DetailsPirates love Underpants – brilliant fun as ever – need I say more!!

Product DetailsThe Penguin and the Pinecone is a captivating tale of friendship. T got this for Christmas and adores the pictures throughout. 

A long with a few Horrid Henry books, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Captain Pugwash its been a great season for reading!

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