blowing dandelion clocks

For those of you new to the site here’s a little of what Blowing Dandelion Clocks is all about.

Childhood is an adventure – a constant roller coaster of finding and discovering and exploring. If as adults we can rediscover that adventure then we reconnect with our innate spirituality. It just takes some little steps – little things that remind us of the excitement of childhood – Like blowing dandelion clocks!

So occassionally I’ll post a little something to do. It may take a lot of courage to go back to childhood ways at first. It may be easier to have children with you when you do. But have a go – you never know what may happen!!

Snow Play

Today there is only one thing to do – go out there and play in the snow.

Throw snowballs – make a snowman – ride a sledge – make a snow angel. Just enjoy the snow. Don’t worry about getting cold or wet. just enjoy. And then head inside for a hot chocolate!

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