Christmas presents – story cubes

One of the gifts the boys received was a set of Story Cubes. 9 cubes with different images on each side (happy face, sad face, castle, key, bee, abacus, house and more). You simply roll the dice and use the 9 images you roll as the basis for your story. Of course all stories must start with ‘Once upon a time’.

The boys LOVE them and it has inspired lots of creative storytelling over the past few days. At 4 E is a little bit young but he has found his own way of using them (choosing the images mainly). We went to see Hansel and Gretl on Friday evening and the old oak tree told the story and also talked about how important stories are. So of course the next day the boys found the storycubes and began to do just as the old oak tree had said -tell their stories.
I can’t recommend these enough!

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