52 – a portrait a week for a year

During 2013 I’ll be taking part in the 52 project inspired by Jodi over at Che and Fidel. Last year she took a picture a week of her children to catch a little of who they are and have become over the year.

I don’t usually include portraits of my children here (there are a few of them ‘in action’) as this isn’t what littledandelionclocks is about. But this project feels like a chance to capture them and a little of what littledandelionclocks is about.

Here is a little of what Jodi wrote reflecting on 2012 and in preparation for the 2013 project.

“Mostly, I learnt about the importance of memory keeping. Because honestly, this year felt like 22 weeks, not 52. It was abundant but quick, a brimming blur of routine, school, work, play, love, life and sleep. And I’m so grateful I stopped to capture the little people amongst it all. I dog-eared a page in Happier At Home a few weeks ago and it seems apt to share it with you. Gretchen Rubin says:

One night, as some friends and I walked out of our book club meeting, I said, “Lately I’ve been feeling very wistful. Childhood is speeding by so fast. It’s such a cliche, but it’s true.”
“I know exactly what you mean,” one friend answered. “Whenever I get annoyed by the mess stuck to our refrigerator door, or about having to keep a stroller in the hallway of my apartment, I remind myself that these are the good old days.”
“Yes,” I said. “Now is the time to appreciate it.”
As I walked in the door of my building, I thought, yet again, of how much I wanted to make my home a haven of comfort, warmth, and tenderness. We were in the rush hour of our life now, and everything was moving so quickly, and every day seemed so crowded – more reason to remember to slow down, stay patient, take photographs, and play Hide and Seek.
When I look at the photos I took throughout 2012 I see real life in still life, our busy weeks encapsulated in one moment. Memories that made up our year.
When I read this piece I recognised in these word the sentiment behind ldc. The need to find time for children, for their creativity, for their spirituality and simply for them. I often fell time is rushing away and I need to sit back and just be. So I will be taking part in 52 – and hopefully capturing some of those precious moments of childhood – and just being with my children. I’m no photographer so they may not be the greatest photos ever but the emotion behind them will be great.
Why don’t you join in?
If you want to get involved too click on the 52 button at the side to link to Che and Fidel.
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