Christmas TV

Well the iconic double issue of the Radio Times has hit the recycling for another year. And I have to say that Christmas telly for the ‘grown ups’ has been rubbish. But for the little ones there have been some amazing moments proving that TV can be worth watching.

As a family we are HUGE Julia Donaldson fans so were very excited that this year’s Christmas JD offering was Room on a Broom. We sat down as a family, with grandma and grandad, to watch this and how brilliant it was. My personal favourite was the relationship between the dog and the cat. And I am pleased to say it has prompted a re reading of all our Julia Donaldson books.

The other big favourite was The Snowman and the Snowdog – truly mesmorising – although I have to say I still prefer the first one. The boys love it and are eager to spot all the links to the first Snowman. An enchanting half hour’s viewing.


As usual the C Beebies panto was genius! Another favourite here was the Peter Rabbit special– the boys played at being Peter and Benjamin for days afterwards! But my personal favourite was The Cow who nearly missed Christmas. This unique retelling of the nativity story as seen through the eyes of a cow called Marjorie is brilliant.

(If you run toddler groups or children’s groups this should be a must for next year).

So all in all a great year for children’s Christmas TV. Just a shame about the adult offering!

The Cow That Almost Missed Christmas (credit BBC/Baby Cow)

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