advent activity calendar catch up

Here is what we’ve been up to over the last week.

Day thirteen – post Christmas cards to everyone in the street (this is a lovely tradition that everyone in the street observes. i’ll really miss it when we move)

Day fourteen – Make a Christmas Rhyme Sack and use it (see earlier post)

Day fifteen – Celebrate Christmas at Sudley House. The annual Christmas festivities at Sudley included crafts, Victorian cards, storytelling and our family favourite – Sketchy Santa! Visit this Santa and he will draw a picture of whatever you ask. E asked for a nativity scene and G for Rudolph.

Day sixteen – It’s the Christmas service at Church today

Day seventeen – Decorate the house ready for Christmas!

Day eighteen – Christmas parties at school today

Day nineteen – Make place cards, coasters and menu holders for the Christmas table. We ‘cheated’ slightly and used a great kit from Phoenix cards.

Day twenty – Make reindeer cakes. We have made these before and this year used the recipe in the BBC Good Food magazine.


Day twenty one – Make wrapping paper. This year we fixed metal Christmas cookie cutters into carrots (the carrot forms a handle), dipped them in paint and then printed onto parcel paper.

Day twenty two – The Toast nativity set is at our house today.


Phew! up to date



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