baby play – running blankets!

What is going on with the weather?! It is awful out there and true to form the worst of the weather was at school pick up time. Had plans for going out with the boys after school but instead we came home and made cakes.

Baby T and I braved the weather earlier in the day and headed to Stay and Play at the Sure Start Centre. One of the biggest hits, each week, with the little ones is a silver blanket. The type runners get at the end of the marathon. It shimmers, it rustles, it moves – it is just asking to be explored. They lift it up, they wave it up and down, they screw it up, they stroke it. They love it!

Something so simple yet something which encourages them to use their senses, attracts their attention and allows them to find out about movement and sound. Genius!

Why Are Marathon Runners Wrapped in a Thermal Blanket at the End of the Race?

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