TOAST! – David

Toast! today was noisy – very noisy! But we had a great time. We explored the first part of David’s story – his annointing as king by Samuel and his victory over Golliath.

We made sheep (as David was a shepherd), sheep cakes (krispi cakes with white chocolate), instruments (David loved music), crowns and playdough people. We dressed up as kings and shepherds (and a couple of sheep). And we tried out a variety of percussion instruments.

Then we heard the first part of David’s story as Samuel annoints David. We played our own praise psalm using the instruments. A second part of David’s story with one of the children as Goliath and one as David, followed. And finally prayers using stones to tell God about the things that worry us.

The together time went particularly well as the chidlren got really involved in the story. My highlight was the look on Simon’s face (playing David) as he felled Goliath (Emma). He didn’t know what was going to happen and the cheer and smile he gave as Emma fell was brilliant. I’m sure David must have had a similar look on his face!!

Lots of other bits and pieces happened which I’ll tell you as we go through the week.

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