Baby play – bubbles

The baby play feature took a back seat over the past hectic few months – but I assure you playing with baby T didn’t!

This weeks ‘favourite thing’ is watching bubbles. T has seen bubbles a few times but never really taken much interest – until now. On Sunday in creche we blew bubbles for all the children. T sat, laughed, looked puzzled as they dissapeared, tried to catch them. She was completly entranced.

Edie,2, ran round trying to pop  as many as she could. For 10 minutes! I ran out of puff so handed the pot over to another leader. Harrison, her 4 year old brother, asserted that he was the oldest in creche by blowing the bubbles himself. And Michael settled – he had spent 1o minutes in creche screaming as he thought his dad was going to go. But once the bubbles came out he forgot he was upset and set about popping with vigour!

Since Sunday we have had many bubble moments and all as much fun as the first. This weekend its out with the bubble machine – I’m exhausted with all the bubble blowing!

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