TOAST! Abraham

November TOAST! has crept up and I haven’t told you about the October one! So here goes.

We explored part of Abraham’s story (up to the birth of Issac). The main activity was den making. We put up 3 pop up tents in different parts of the room and provided stacks of material, cushions and things to drape across. Then we simply challenged them to build dens. There were soon dens everywhere! When TOAST! began we were clear that many of the activities had to be Dad friendly. Den building was a real ‘Dad’ activity (although mums loved it to!). In some families I wasn’t too sure who was having the most fun!

There was a joke telling area (Sarah laughed when told she would have a baby and Issac means laughter). We had sand play with sheep goats and cows as Abraham had. The families made teepees. We wrote prayers of thanks onto stars. And everyone decorated cakes fit for a special visitor.

The other popular activity was chalking. Outside we chalked ‘God is with us’ onto the floor and asked the children to draw round their feet and write their names into the footprints. They loved it – and it was easy to set up and clear up for us. Always a bonus!

As we told Abraham’s story we journeyed around the tents that had been built and finished with parachute prayers throwing Thank you stars on to a billowing parachute.

A great afternoon – this week its David.

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