Slimey Halloween Jelly

Yes more jelly making!!

I found this great jelly idea in October’s Junior magazine and as we are going to a Halloween party tomorrow decided to make them (with the boys help of course!). The Junior recipe makes the jelly from scratch but we cheated and used Lime jelly cubes.

We have 10 jellies to make and so made up a pint of jelly as the instructions and left until not quite fully set. The boys scooped jelly into the bottom of clear plastic tumblers and pushed sweet teeth and jelly snakes into the jelly. We made up another pint of jelly and poured over the top covering the ‘scary sweets’ and left the jelly to set.

Tomorrow we are going to add another scary sweet and more jelly mix. When the jelly is nearly set we will push in jelly snakes so they seem to crawl out of the mix.


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