Pirate jelly boats

A few people have asked how to make the pirate jelly boats mentioned in the last post. They are a little tricky but here is the method I followed with a few added tips of my own.

Choose good quality oranges enough for one per four children.

Slice them in half and squeeze out the juice being careful not to pierce the skin. I found it easier if you slice along the segments rather than across them.

I then turned them upside down on a towel and let the rest of the juice drain out for about 1 hour.

Scoop out the insides again being careful not to pierce the skin. This will be easier if you have sliced along the segments.

Make up a jelly but make it with less water than usual. I made 3/4 pint instead of 1 pint.

Place the orange halves in a tray or container where they will stay upright. Pour in the jelly making sure it goes to the top of the orange. Put the jelly in the freezer to set.

Take the jellies out when set and slice each one in half to make a boat shape.

Make flags from cocktail sticks and paper and place one in each boat.

Eat and enjoy!

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