Pirate Picnic

On Sunday the boys were at a friend’s party – a Pirate Party. Which reminded me that I’d promised to tell you about the boys’ birthday parties over the past few years. So let’s start with a Pirate Party! 

August 2011 was E’s 3rd birthday party and he chose to have a Pirate Picnic at Sudley House. We had an amazing afternoon – the rain held off for all but 5 minutes – there were pirates everywhere! – pirate games and pirate food aplenty – and lots of happy parents managing to grab a few minutes in the sunshine as their little pirates ran around.

Here are a few of the highlights.

We made pirate flags from fabric and sticks that we found under the trees.

There was a game of throw the rats off the pirate ship!

S had made treasure maps of Sudley House which everyone used to hunt for pirate treasure.

And finally we ate a hearty pirate tea including pirate jelly boats!

Everyone went home happy with goody bags filled with Pirate or Naughty Fairy books, stampers and pirate wrist bands. I was so proud of E as he gave out the party bags to every one of his friends.

That night the boys were asleep before their heads hit the pillow – 2 happy little pirates!

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