50 things

Ok time to catch up on all the stuff I didn’t chat about here through the last few chaotic months. Let’s start with 50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4.

I’m sure loads of you have been taking part in this but if you haven’t picked up on it do so now!!!

Basically it does what it says on the tin – a list of 50 things to do before you turn 12.

  • 50 things you can do outdoors.
  • 50 things that promise to ‘take you into the woods and onto the water, up huge hills and down to the beach’.
  • 50 things that promise ‘some of them are a little bit bonkers!’

The list includes climb a tree – make a mud pie – watch the sun wake up – hunt for bugs – light a fire without matches – cook on a campfire – set up a snail race – and many more.

So far we have done 4 – roll down a hill – build a den – balance on a fallen tree  – plant it grow it eat it – and G has done bring up a butterfly. Not bad as the boys are 4 and 5, a long way to go to 11 3/4! The boys are loving ticking the challenges off and recognising there are some they can do now but others they can look forward to as they get older.

We first came across 5o things when we picked a free copy of the booklet in The Guardian and you can still pick up copies of the booklet at National Trust properties. Or / and you can sign up online and tick off the adventures as you go along.

This week we also discovered that you can pick up stickers for your books at NT properties. (Thanks to the lovely welcoming team at Sizergh Castle for helping the boys with theirs).

I can’t encourage you enough to get a booklet or go on line and then get outdoors. Or maybe pick up some booklets and encourage the children you work with or relatives to get involved.


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