Stay and Play

In E’s reception class this year they have invited parents in to ‘stay and play’ with their children. Today it was my turn to go in and play – I had a ball!!!!!

E was SO excited to have me coming in with him although I did cause a bit of disruption in the yard with Gs class! The day has been moved round slightly this week so that choosing time (which is normally in the afternoon) is in the morning.

E took me into the art area where we used a tray of shaving foam to write letters in and to practice the big letter movements. Next we went outside and donned hard hats to make a road of bricks. A helpful lollipop girl came along to make sure we crossed safely!

Outside we built a shelter to encourage co operation; made our own hopscotch as we sequenced numbers; ‘painted’ the outdoor house using paint brushes and soapy water; played in the water to make a wheel move and to collect numbered ducks – then went inside to warm up! Inside we played with the stickle bricks; crawled into the reading area; played with the dolls house and played pirates. Great fun and loads of learning taking place as they played.

I didn’t need convincing of the value of play for learning but hopefully for those parents still unsure it was a great eye opener. And of course a few bits and pieces will creep into my work!

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