TOAST Harvest

Toast Harvest was 3 weeks ago now – and I think I have just about recovered!! We had a great time but it was manic! Chaos! Frantic! But a lot of fun!

From scratch we made root vegetable soup – bread – courgette omlette – peas – new potatoes – krispi cakes. Strange mix I know but all dictated by the food the children brought along. They had grown a variety of veg and some had collected eggs. It was a bit like Ready Steady Cook as they all arrived!!

The most popular activity by far was podding peas. We had picked a stack of pods the night before and the children sat for ages podding them – there were peas everywhere!

As we prepared and cooked there were adults running around to pull it all together. But by some miracle it worked and after an hour the meal appeared on the table. All made and prepared by the children and adults at TOAST!

As we brought the food to the table we prayed for farmers, food producers, the weather and other elements that lead to food being on our table day after day.


Chaotic and noisy but great and hopefully it will help the children remember the people who grow and produce our foods.

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