TOAST! -Olympics and Paralympics

Last Sunday was August TOAST! – last year we did an informal August meet but this year did the full thing. There were a few people around and some new people so seemed important to keep the momentum of TOAST! going.

The Olympics and Paralympics were our focus and I must admit when we sat down to plan I was a little ‘olympiced’ out and devoid of ideas. Luckily Katie had a plan based around the Olympic and Paralympic values (I’d never heard of them had you??).

Here are all 7 with the activity we did for each.

Friendship – make a friendship bracelet for a friend.

Respect – Paint or draw a picture of someone who is important to you. Show it to your friends and family and tell them why.

Excellence – have  a go at a series of sports activities

Equality – a puzzle to share out sweets equally between some toys

Courage – make a superhero cape and write onto it something you need to be brave and keep going at

Determination – Around an outline of Wenlock write 5 things you have tried hard to learn how to do

Inspiration – Cut out some of your Sporting Heros from London 2012 to make a collage.

We had persuaded one of the young people to lead a zumba session after that – which was a big hit with the adults as much as the children!

Then a quick round up of the 7 values and how they linked to both London 2012 and to the Bible.

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