Sorry its been a little quiet round here we’ve had a horrible few days. S mum died at the weekend. The boys were at my mums when it happened and I told them while we were still there. Driving home I was really aware of the ‘heavy’ mood in the car and of S still at his mums and starting to deal with the loss of a parent. Something was needed to lift all our moods a little.

It’s at times like these when I often find its the natural world that is the only thing that can lift me. In the past its been the waves on the beach, walking through the rain or seeing the first snowdrops that have ‘lifted’ me in bad times.

This time it was a rainbow.Suddenly as we drove back there it was – the boys were entranced by it. The rainbow seemed to be there for ever. And then we suddenly noticed a second – a double rainbow!

For a brief moment the sadness lifted as we felt that amazement only the natural world can bring.

As the days go on I hope we have a few more of these moments as they really are special.


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