Holiday Fun – Den Making

Back from our (wet!) trip to the Lakes! Had lots of adventures there including a close shave with a large group of chickens! Been busy at home too. End of term exhaustion finally gone. So I’ll tell you what we have been up to.

First up is our fantastic day out at the National Wildflower Centre in Court Hey Park, Liverpool. We are so lucky to have this on our doorstep – the boys love it there. We booked on for the Family Forest Fun session, an afternoon of den building and making other things from natural materials.

We arrived and were given tarpaulin and string and sent off into Bluebell woods to create our own dens. As we had gone with friends we decided to create a little ‘den village’. While the adults secured the tarpaulins the children got busy making campfires and benches to add to their dens. We were all very proud of the finished results – so much so that we forgot to take any pictures!

Next was flower bashing – you take a flower or leaf, place it between a piece of cloth and a piece of tissue on a solid base then bash! Peel the flower away from the material and you will be left with a stain where the flower was. Really simple and really effective. Have a go!

Finally we made bows and arrows. We have made these a few times with the boys using sticks we find when camping. But this time we used willow which was so effective and so much fun stripping the willow (not the dance!!). I had never done this before and was slightly over excited by stripping bark off a stick – thankfully the boys were the same (like mother like son!!). The workshop leader made notches in the sticks and we added string to make the bow. Then it was back into the woods to play in the dens and find arrows for our bows.

A fantastic afternoon – there are more sessions at the end of August so if you are near Liverpool book yourself onto one.


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