Reading Challenge

Story lab The summer reading challenge 2012As regular readers of LDC will know we are book mad here! So looking to inspire and motivate the boy’s reading through the summer we registered them for Story Lab.

Story Lab is this year’s summer reading challenge run through local libraries. The boys received a bag and a 3D model to keep track of their reading progress. And for every 2 library books they read they collect stickers for bronze, silver and gold stages. On line is the Story Lab a place where children can invent and swap stories.

We have just read the first 2 books so will be back at the library soon to collect our stickers and next books.

G also has his own reading challenge. I was concerned that his reading didn’t slip behind over the summer but obviously he is to young to read on his own. So each day he reads a book to me and then for every 10 he reads he gets a trip to the book shop to choose a new book. We had a weeks rest first and are trying not to make it feel ‘school like’ so that reading remains fun. I am much more concerned that he loves reading than that he is the best reader in the class.

And luckily there are loads of great books out there that early readers can read with a little help. Books such as Duck in a Truck and Shark in the Park are funny and easy reads with a little prompting.

So here’s to a summer of reading!

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