No one told me that it isn’t just the children who count down to the end of school – it’s the parents too! I am exhausted –  and it feels like we are treading a fine line between the boys melting down and having a great time with end of term activities.

So this weekend I decided to go for the ‘full on’ approach and pack the weekend with great outings.

Friday night was Messy Olympics. Saturday morning we headed off to the Brouhaha carnival parade in the city centre. Saturday afternoon Olympic activities again this time at our Church. Then Sunday was the Scarecrow festival at The National Wildflower Centre.

So we are all shattered but as the boys had frayed tempers at the start of the weekend it seemed better to be out and about. I may regret this in the middle of the week. Hopefully not.

Anyone got any tips on surviving the last week of term?

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