Memory boxes Summer 2012

There is so much going on this summer that I wanted some way for the boys to both be able to make sense of it all and remember it. As they took part in Jubilee celebrations at school and preschool they accumulated various bits and pieces. So we decided we would make memory boxes. The flags they have made, G’s jubilee hat, commemorative bookmarks and other things will go in to the box.

The boys are really excited about having a special box each (plus one for Baby T). When we went to watch the Olympic Torch we collected souvenir drinks bottles so they will go in the box along with various newspaper cuttings.

They have also collected stickers as part of the Euro 2012 tournament and G has a chart with all the results – so all that will go in the box too.

We finally bought the boxes today and had great fun trying to find everything (still some bits to find!) Apparently on the C Beebies programme Grandpa in my pocket Grandpa has a similar box for his childhood toys. This has really helped the boys understand why they are making these memory boxes.

how are you remembering 2012?

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